Marian devotion practised according to Dom Columba Marmion

March 13, 2021
The Wedding of Cana

After explaining what the Marian life of a Christian consists of, Dom Marmion presents a very simple programme so that our devotion to Mary becomes a reality.

Since Jesus Christ Himself is our Elder Brother and we are members of His Mystical Body, we must do exactly as He did.

What He has chosen, we also choose: “Jesus chose His Mother from all eternity. He conferred on her, with her divine motherhood, all the other privileges that we admire in her and that He paid for with his blood. We, too, must freely choose Mary as our Mother, rejoice in all her privileges and thank God for them.”

His attitude towards His Mother will be ours: “Jesus was subject to his Mother. We too must obey Mary. Let us be docile to her guidance to imitate Jesus. Does she not say to each of us: ‘Do whatever He tells you’ and ‘Behold my beloved Son, listen to Him’? Jesus loved and honoured His Mother. It is up to us to honour her, to love her to find our joy in all her privileges. To rejoice in the divine attributes is a very high form of love.”

Dom Marmion wants to see souls become identified with Jesus in the filial affection He has for His Mother. He teaches us the marvellous invocation of St. Gertrude: “Lord, say to your Mother for me: Ecce Filius tuus – Behold your child. How consoling it is to know that Mary sees Jesus in each one of us.”

For her part, Mary’s proper office is to give birth and to form Christ in us. Towards the end of his life, Dom Marmion composed a magnificent act of consecration to the Holy Trinity which ends with a supplication to the Blessed Virgin, in which he summarizes his entire Marian life: “O Mary, Mother of Christ, Mother of Holy Love, form us yourself according to the Heart of your Son.”

If Our Lord leads us to the Father, Mary leads us to Jesus: “I go to God through Jesus. Mary helps me to know her Son and to go to Him.” The mediation of Mary is not only descending through the distribution of all the graces merited by her Son and co-merited by her.

It is also ascending because it is through her that we return to Jesus, and through her also our prayers and our life become pleasing to God: “All praise, addressed to Mary, returns all pure to the glory of the adorable Trinity, as in her Magnificat. If I consecrate myself to Mary, she receives this gift from me only to offer it immediately to God.”

This is also the reason why Dom Marmion liked to recite the Divine Office in the name of the Virgin Mary, “addressing his praise and prayers in her name, in the same way that she herself must have prayed to the Eternal Father through Jesus Christ, endeavouring to enter into the feelings of her profound adoration, humility, trust and also joy at the thought of the triumph of her Son.”

Thus our affection for Mary must be without limits: “Let us love Mary more than all mothers. For her part, a mother’s heart always forgives.”

Let us therefore make our own the great principle of the spiritual life, the quintessence of the entire spirituality of Dom Marmion: “All holiness consists in being by grace what Jesus Christ is by nature: child of God - child of Mary.”