Mary fitting man to the Most Holy Trinity

June 06, 2020

God made man for God. Men, however, live for everything but God. Men are interested in accessible goods. Spiritual and elevated goods are hardly interesting.

And although God knows this, He nevertheless destines man for what is best – participation in the Divine Life of the Most Holy Trinity. And despite the infinite distance between man and God, God determined to bridge that distance by manageable steps. And the first step was Mary.

The first manifestation of the Holy Trinity in the New Testament was Archangel Gabriel’s annunciation to Mary. St. Gabriel mentions the Holy Spirit, the Father and the Son in their special relations to Mary: “The Holy Spirit shall come upon thee, and the power of the Most High shall overshadow thee. And therefore the Holy that shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God” (Lk 1:35). When Mary uttered Her fiat, these words were fulfilled to the letter and the Holy Spirit entered Her to perform the Mystery of the Incarnation, the Father overshadowed Her supervising this Mystery in Her as His special daughter, while the 2nd Person, became in a real sense Her Son.

Thus, Mary, the spiritual mountain of the human race, met the condescending power of the three Divine Persons binding together again Heaven and earth. From each Divine Person She received a special grace for the entire human race and to each Divine Person She paid a special service.

Through Mary, then, that ineffable life of the most Holy Trinity becomes accessible to men on earth. Indeed, we must climb that mountain of holiness to reach the Godhead. Likewise, we must crawl out of the pit of sins and bad habits. In either case, we must begin by looking up.

Now if a man prostrate on the ground looks up, he gets no real direction, the sky is vast. The Holy Trinity is as transcendent as the vastness of the sky. He needs a precise reference point before he can move accurately to his goal. And thus, he looks to Mary, from whom Christ derived His humanity. He looks to Her because She shows Him how to live with God the Son, how to know Him, how to love Him, and how to follow Him to Mount Calvary. He looks to Her because She was chosen by God the Father for the most elevated service that any creature could ever offer Him. He looks to Her because She is the masterpiece of the Holy Spirit and Her life is a symphony of perfect obedience to His every inspiration.

In Mary, we have an easy example to live in continual and varying reference to the Three Divine Persons. In Her we recognize our divine sonship and how to imitate Christ in loving Her as our spiritual Mother and in doing all for Her in honor of our invisible Father who supervises the entire universe. In Her we learn how to be docile to the inspirations of the Holy Ghost and to take counsel of Him, and not of our all-too-human and impure thoughts and desires. Let us therefore renew our Marian devotion by thinking of Her as the special link and pattern for all men to live in the Mystery of the Holy Trinity. Ave Maria!