Month of St. Joseph: A Triple Treasure from Divine Providence

March 03, 2019

I find in the Gospels three treasures entrusted by Divine Providence to the just man Joseph.

The first treasure entrusted to his care (in chronological order) was Mary’s holy virginity, that he was to preserve intact under the sacred veil of marriage, and that he always guarded as a sacred treasure that he was not allowed to touch.

The second and most august was the person of Jesus Christ, whom the heavenly Father placed in his hands, that he might be as a father to this holy Child who could not have an earthly father.

I also see a third treasure: Joseph is the custodian of the Eternal Father, for He told him His secret, the incarnation of His Son. St. Joseph was chosen, not only to guard Him, but also to hide Him.

How beloved you are of God, O incomparable Joseph, for Him to entrust these three great treasures to you, the virginity of Mary, the Person of His only-begotten Son, and the secret of His mystery!

- Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet, First Panegyric of St. Joseph.