New Book for Lent - Toward Easter: Day by Day

March 13, 2019

On March 6, Ash Wednesday, Lent began. Over the years, how many resolutions have we made, then almost immediately abandoned during this period of prayer and penance?

To help us make Lent 2019 a less ordinary Lent—unfortunately ordinary or ordinarily unfortunate—Fr. Patrick Troadec had the excellent idea of composing a collection of texts upon which to meditate, making each day a step on the ascent to Good Friday, before the joy of the Easter Resurrection. His Toward Easter: Day by Day is more than a title, it is a practical order to be followed, with gradual efforts. Day by day, on a daily basis, in one’s duty of state, in the home and at work.

Forty days can be intimidating, but a day-to-day Lent is something all souls can handle: one resolution after another, “at the pace of love.” This collection is presented in the form of a datebook, presenting a daily rendezvous with the liturgy, the Fathers of the Church, spiritual authors…who all tell us: “If thou didst know the gift of God” (Jn. 4:10). And Fr. Troadec tells the reader:

These words Jesus said to the Samaritan are addressed by Our Lord today to each one of you. Doubtless most of you know God and have Faith in Him. But this Faith needs to be upheld, fueled, fed with reading and reflection. And Lent, along with Paschal tide, is the most beautiful and the richest period of the entire liturgical year, and above all the most conducive to spiritual renewal. Indeed, each day in Lent has its own Mass that contains a true treasure… 

It is this extraordinary treasure that is offered to us day after day.

Fr. Patrick Troadec, Toward Easter: Day by Day
St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary Editions, $13.
Available online, and at the Seminary bookstore.

Comments from readers:

“I read the entire book with real pleasure and I hope it has made me a better person.”
(A philosophy professor)

“The quotes by the holy Curé d’Ars made a strong impression on me. Every one of his statements made me want to imitate him. His thoughts are a true spiritual treasure. It was easy to understand and put into practice with the grace of God.”
(A housewife and mother)

“This book gave me renewed spiritual strength.”
(A housewife and mother)

“Your beautiful meditations for Lent are an excellent way of arousing the interest of children whose intelligence and sensitivity are equally solicited, and of helping parents to have a good Lent, too.”
(A proofreader)

“This little manual for piety will without a doubt help many families to live Lent and prepare for Easter in the best conditions.”
(A Dominican Sister)

Bishop Bernard Fellay:

“The time of Lent is truly the time for asceticism and efforts on the path of sanctification, and Fr. Patrick Troadec has taken the excellent initiative of providing a small practical guide to accompany the efforts of the Christian soul. May God bless with abundant fruits of grace those who take advantage of these lines inspired by the most reliable sources of Christian spirituality and bring them at the end of Lent to a more intimate, more profound, and more perfect union with the divine Redeemer.”
(Flavigny, February 1, 2013)