Notre Dame Cathedral: Presentation of the Restored Framework in the Forecourt

October 02, 2020
A framework truss of Notre Dame de Paris

On the occasion of the celebration of Heritage Days, the forecourt of Notre Dame Cathedral presented a draft of the restoration work on the framework, carried out with respect for the procedures as they were practiced in the 13th century. The plan is to complete the identical reconstruction of the building in 2024.

“It is a little dream of all carpenters to one day be able to lay a piece of wood at Notre-Dame. It is the most prestigious construction site of the 21st century,” says Loïc Desmonts with delight.

The craftsman – a member of the Carpenters Without Borders association - is present on the forecourt of Notre-Dame, in order to perform the same gestures as the 13th century builders in front of a large audience, on the occasion of the celebration of Heritage Days.

“It is already a privilege to be able to be on the forecourt and to participate in safeguarding the knowledge that the elders have bequeathed to us and to share it with the public. For me, that is priceless,” adds the young man, who had participated in the assembly of truss no. 7.

Exhibited on September 20, 2020 on the forecourt, this brand new triangular structure is one of the 25 elements that made up the forest, the name given to the framework of the Parisian cathedral, most of which disappeared during the April 2019 fire.

Built of oak, 10 meters high and weighing more than 3 tons, truss no. 7 was built in 5 days in Normandy several weeks ago with the help of 25 carpenters.

Jérôme Carraz, a trainer with the Compagnons du Devoir, is convinced that the framework of Notre-Dame can be made identically: “not only do we have the know-how but we also teach it! So we know how to do it like a company can do it with a cutting machine or the Carpenters Without Borders with the techniques of the 13th century,” he assures us.

After a period of uncertainty, President Emmanuel Macron finally decided, last July, that the cathedral Victor Hugo wrote about would be restored to its original form. The building could reopen in 2024, when the French capital is due to host the Olympic Games.