In Nouvelles de Chrétienté : A Return to School Under the Sign of Hope

December 16, 2021

The latest issue of Nouvelles de Chrétienté (no. 191, September-October 2021) deliberately places this new 2021 school year under the sign of hope, gathering into one several of these projects where Tradition strives to “rebuild everything in Christ.” : In Brussels and Vienna, as in Narni in Italy, and in Iloilo in the Philippines.

Inside the review, we discover with wonder, thanks to remarkable photographic reports, the ingenuity and the generosity of these builders who, by building or restoring churches and convents, edify souls and straighten hearts: sursum corda!

The editorial explains that the choice is not that of the world: “Today, in Vienna, a new church serves as a magnificent setting for the Tridentine Mass. In Italy, a novitiate is inaugurated for sisters. In the Philippines, a novitiate for brothers is built.

In Brussels, the facade of a sumptuous church is being restored, displaying the beauty of the traditional liturgy. For the media, this is irrelevant: uninteresting! And yet this is there that is manifested the grace through which the “restoration of all things in Christ” has been taking place for 2000 years.”

It is in this perspective of spiritual and social restoration that Nouvelles de Chrétienté presents the 2022 Pentecost pilgrimage. Its theme – “We are the youth of God” - is indeed a challenge, that of the Beatitudes, “because for 2000 years, the choice is still clear: the Beatitudes of the Gospel or the stupor of the world. And the practical consequence comes quickly: conform to the world or transform it.

“Do we want a conformist Church, in the image and likeness of the modern world, an eco-humanitarian NGO, or a Church which converts, which turns souls towards God and transforms society? Saint Paul gave us the answer: “Nolite conformari huic sæculo, And be not conformed to this world,” (Rm. 12:2).

And to specify: “Our personal and daily conversion involves a transformation of society in Christianity, however modest, at the family and professional level. For the “pure heart,” “poverty in spirit” and “meekness” of which the Beatitudes speak, concretely combat the flesh, money, and pride, that threefold concupiscence which St. John tells us characterizes the spirit of the world.”

Understand that this doctrinal and spiritual dossier is a roadmap for the year. It is much “more than a collection of texts that would not be relevant until Pentecost 2022, and would be out of date as of Tuesday, June 7. It is a guide that shows us the route to follow and the steps to take day after day, in our pilgrimage well beyond Place Vauban in Paris.”

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