Pentecost in the light of Mary

May 21, 2021

How essential the descent of the Holy Ghost is for our salvation is clearly taught by the Church scholars. St. Bonaventure, for example, says: “Without the action of the Holy Ghost in our hearts, who is the love of the Father and the Son and who brings us to the Father and the Son, the sending of the Son by the Father and the whole redemptive work of the Son would have passed us by uselessly”.

The action of the Holy Ghost opens our hearts to the redemptive work of Christ, brings about in us the influx of divine life, i. e. all the graces of conversion and sanctification. The important role of Mary in the mission of the Holy Ghost is already indicated in Sacred Scripture by the clear mention of her presence among the Apostles on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 1:14).

Pope Pius XII teaches that her fervent supplication brought about the descent of the Holy Ghost (Encyclical Mystici Corporis). Indeed, if the Apostles “persevered in single-minded prayer”, how powerful must have been the supplication of the Gracious One, whom the Church calls the “intercessory omnipotence”, and whose prayers God never resists?

Accordingly, Mary was “filled with the Holy Ghost” more than all the others put together. She alone received its gifts in abundance, but not only for her own perfection. The teachers of the Church say that her own fullness of grace is like a fountain from which all the graces of the Holy Ghost overflow to all of us.

Saint Bernard, for example, writes: “Who could say that she was unfulfilled whom the angel greets as ‘full of grace’. And not only that, but in addition the angel claims that the Holy Ghost will come upon her. What do you think this will be for: only to bring her the abundance of grace?

Since she had already received the Spirit for herself and was therefore full of grace for herself personally, the same Spirit was now to come upon her for us also, so that she might become overflowing and overflowing with grace. From such fullness we have all received. After all, she is our mediatrix.”

Father Maximilian Kolbe clarifies this truth: “Every grace is the fruit of the life of the Most Holy Trinity: the Father eternally begets the Son, and the Holy Ghost proceeds from them. From this way all perfection in every order flows into the world.

“All grace comes from the Father, who eternally begets the Son, and grace in view of the Son. The Holy Ghost, who eternally proceeds from the Father and the Son, forms this grace in the Immaculata and through it shapes souls in the likeness of the firstborn God-Man.

“Henceforth the Holy Ghost sends no grace, and the Father through the Son and the Spirit instils no supernatural life into the soul except through the Mediatrix of all graces - the Immaculata, with her permission, her cooperation. She receives all treasures as her own and distributes them to whom and in what measure she herself wills.”

Whoever wishes to receive the gifts of the Holy Ghost should remember the words of St. Louis Maria Grignion:

“With Mary and in her the Holy Ghost brought forth His masterpiece, which is the Son of God made man. Even today He brings forth the chosen ones in the same way and will continue to bring them forth as members of that adorable Head until the end of time. The more He finds Mary, His faithful and inseparable bride, in a soul, the more He will be able to bring forth Jesus Christ in that soul and that soul in Jesus Christ” (Perfect Devotion to Mary No. 20).