Philippines: Rosa Mystica Mission Looking for Volunteer Doctors

December 16, 2022
Dr. Philippe de Geoffroy, director of the mission

The next Rosa Mystica medical mission, which has been held every year in the Philippines since 2007, will take place from March 5 to 12, 2023. The ACIM (Catholic Association of Nurses and Doctors) organizes this mission by calling on volunteer health professionals, and finances this work solely through donations from benefactors.

Next March, like every year, the mission will be recruiting doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, midwives, pharmacists, and opticians (in order to distribute the pairs of glasses collected free of charge).

During each mission, the association needs various materials including: hydroalcoholic gels, gloves, masks, scales, thermometers, suture threads, scalpels, drapes, and sterile gloves, eyeglasses that donors no longer use (not progressive lenses, and if possible with the corrections noted on the lenses); rosaries, scapulars, holy images, etc.

If you have equipment, whatever it is and you wish to donate it, if you are in possession of an ultrasound device, an electrocardiogram or other device that can be useful for the mission, please write to: [email protected]

A Church Among the Mamanwas

We had mentioned in September-October 2022, the secret that Bépi, the wife of the chief of the Mamanwas tribe, had told to Yolly, permanent nurse-catechist of ACIM-Asia. Long ago she had seen Our Lord in a dream.

If Bépi confided in Yolly in this way, it is because, working for two years with these underprivileged populations, the tireless nurse-missionary knew how to conquer their hearts by caring for their bodies and turning their souls towards the Blessed Virgin and God. The work accomplished is already immense.

These poor people who no longer knew or had never learned to join hands and pray, have found a little hope. The apostolic work of Yolly and the catechists, along with the regular visits of Fr. Timothy Pfeiffer, have sown good seeds which are beginning to germinate. 20 baptisms were administered last March with more to come, as well as first communions at Christmas.

Thanks to the donations collected, land has been acquired, and a courtyard open in which mass was celebrated during the Rosa Mystica mission in September 2022. Fr. Pfeiffer's project is more ambitious. It is a set of buildings that will include a chapel (the first foundations of which can already be seen), as well as a catechism room. It needs more generous donors to be completed.

The plans for the project and the video of last September's mission, filmed by a Rosa Mystica volunteer, is available online here.

If you want to participate in the medical mission of March 2023, please contact: [email protected] And if you wish to make a donation: by paypal on the site; by check or bank transfer payable to: ACIM, 2 route d’Equihen, 62360 Saint-Etienne-au-Mont. Tax receipt on request.