The Precious Blood or the Magnificence of God

July 17, 2019

In nothing is it of so much importance to us that God should be magnificent as in the shedding of His Blood.

It would be part of His Dominion, part of His Magnificence, to be accurately prodi gal of that which made His Dominion more dear to Him, and His Magnificence more magnificent.

Yet I would fain keep before you that the prodigality of the Precious Blood is simply necessary for our wretchedness, that we could not do with less of it, that, if so infinite a price were to be paid for our redemption, it must be infinitely paid.

God could not help being magnificent, precisely because He is God.

It is His infinity thus compassionately and delightedly acting upon our finiteness, which we call His magnificence.

It is an attribute which ought to be most dear to us, and which we should honor with a special devotion. If the tranquility of holiness comes of our loving to be overwhelmed by the sovereignty of God, we come to love His sovereignty by delighting in His magnificence.

What we have said amounts to this. The magnificence of God was nowhere more needed than in the Precious Blood; and, as a matter of fact, it has been nowhere more shown. It was of surpassing importance to us that it should be so.