Precious Blood, Salutary Bath Prepared for Our Sinful Souls, Have Mercy on Us

July 26, 2019

One thing more. Where Jesus is, all honors and all glories and all loves gather round the Father.

Who can doubt, then, but that the devotion to the Precious Blood is also a devotion to the Eternal Father?

Think of the immensity of the Father’s love for that redeeming Blood. Out of all possible creations He chose it alone for the price of our redemption. Only its value could enrich the glory of the Creator, which the creature's sin had striven to impoverish.

Only from its victory would He condescend to receive back the dominion of which He had been despoiled. Only its fulness could satisfy the claims of all His outraged perfections. Only its sweetness could make universal peace in Heaven and on earth.

It was to the Person of the Father, by appropriation, that this dear price of our souls was paid. Nay, our devotion to the Blood of His Son is only an imitation of the Father's complacency therein.

It is His joy, and His devotion. To join Him in this devotion to the Blood of His Son is in truth to practice a distinct devotion to Himself. Devotion to the Eternal Father! this is the sweet grace to covet.

Show us the Father, said Philip to his Lord, and it is enough for us.