Priestly and Diaconal Ordinations at Zaitzkofen – July 2, 2022

July 07, 2022

On the day when the Church celebrates the Visitation of the Most Blessed Virgin to her cousin Elizabeth, Saturday July 2, 2022, Bishop Bernard Fellay proceeded with diaconal and priestly ordinations at the seminary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Zaitzkofen, Germany.

Three sub-deacons received the grace of the diaconate: one from Poland, one from Czechoslovakia, and one from Ukraine, for the Fraternity of Saint Josaphat.

Bishop Fellay also conferred the grace of the priesthood on three new priests: a Belgian, a Pole, and a Czech.

Priests came in large numbers, after being unable to attend the ceremony last year. There were 74 priests there to lay hands on the ordinands.

The faithful had also came in droves, no less than 2,600, to confirm that the ordination ceremony is dear to them, even though it routinely takes place outdoors. Their love of the truth, their zeal and their spirit of sacrifice are based on a centuries-old tradition, and are the opposite of what is often presented today as Catholic.

The many colorful flags of the confraternities and associations testified to the origin of these faithful, who came from various European countries.

As the new priests return to their countries for their first assignments – to Antwerp, Brno and Warsaw – more than 20 new candidates are already in sight on the Bavarian horizon for October 2022.

Through their prayers and their generosity, the faithful have contributed to the fact that even more vocations will soon be welcomed: the expansion of the residential wing of the seminary, planned for years, has begun.

Hopefully the voice of God still speaks to many more young men like Jeremiah: “Wherever I send you, you will go. And everything I entrust to you, you will preach. Do not be afraid.”