Read: The Secret of Saint Dominic by Fr. Jean-Dominique Fabre

June 04, 2020

What, in Saint Dominic, was the common thread that gave his life its unity and its impressive fertility? The significant events of his holiness have been written about often. His ardor for study, his fervent prayer, his fiery preaching, his initiatives in all areas of priestly and religious life, his active collaboration in the struggles of his time against heresy, his Marian devotion, all are the stones of his choices whose brilliance still illuminate the pilgrimage of the Church today. All this is known.

But what is the secret behind it? Are we allowed to know more? Can we penetrate into the inner sanctum of this friend of God, meet the presence of God, the finger of God, the smile of God?

St. John of the Cross said: “There are few souls who reach such an eminent degree. There are, however, some who have succeeded, especially those personages whose virtue and spirit would be transmitted to the succession of their disciples. God, by giving these heads of families the first fruits of His spirit, conferred upon them treasures and grandeurs in keeping with the more or less large succession of children who were to embrace their rule and their spirit.”

The secret of St. Dominic will lead the reader on this quest and will make it possible to discover the wonders of God in the heart of a man, by making St. Dominic so close and present.

The Secret of Saint Dominic, Fr. Jean-Dominique Fabre, 336 p., € 20.50, may be ordered from CLOVIS editions. By phone, Monday to Friday, 01 45 06 98 88 (between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m., Paris). Or online at: