Record Number of Baptisms in Hong Kong

May 07, 2019

In Hong Kong, more that 2,800 baptisms were performed during the Easter Vigil. An encouraging sign for Catholicism which claims 580,000 faithful, out of a little more that seven million inhabitants.

Fr. Giorgio Pasini, regional superior of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, told AsiaNews on April 4, 2019, “The catechumens are numerous and already very active in community life. This year the great number of baptisms also strengthens the vitality of the local Church.”

John Cardinal Tong Hon, Archbishop of Hong Kong, has himself directed the meticulous examination of the aspirants during the three last Sundays of Lent. Indeed, baptism is the crowning moment of a period of preparation that is spread out over one and one-half, even two years.

“The catechumens come from all levels of society,” added Fr. Pasini. Regarding the origins of the neophytes, the religious explains that “these are generally people who, in the past, did not belong to any religion or who have perhaps observed the traditional ancestor worship, but who have not found any sense to their life with such practices.”