Russia: Hollywood Under Strict Surveillance

October 26, 2021

In Vladimir Putin's Russia, vigilance to safeguard traditional family values ​​is practiced everywhere, even films. As proof, there is the recent ban, deemed “retrograde” by some Western media, on minors being allowed to view a film trivializing homosexuality and homo-parenting.

In this regard, the film The Eternals presents, for the first time - in the “Marvel” universe aimed at an audience of teenagers or young adults - a homosexual character.

Two actors play openly homosexual characters who are “married” and “parents” of a little boy.

A panoply of actors known to moviegoers, including Angelina Jolie and Kit Harrington, is on the poster, to promote a film to be released in the United States on November 5, 2021 without any restrictions whatsoever.

On the banks of the Moskva, on the other hand, the reception of the film is particularly cold. Based on a law enacted in 2013, authorities in the Russian Federation have decided to ban The Eternals for viewers under the age of 18.

The purpose of this federal law is to “protect children against information that promotes the denial of traditional family values”: for this purpose, any “promotion of non-traditional sexual relations near minors” is prohibited, as stipulated in the legislative text.

Following the referendum held in July 2020, 77% of Russians voted in favor of banning the “rights” claimed by homosexuals and transgender people and which they have sometimes obtained in other countries, including marriage and the adoption of children.