The Sacrament of Marriage: Reception and Disposition

March 09, 2019

In order to receive this sacrament, one must be in the state of grace, instructed in Christian doctrine, subject to no impediments, and observe the prescriptions of the Church with regards to the celebration of marriage.

The choice of a state in life and the decision to commit to founding a family must be taken very seriously before God and in view of the salvation of one’s soul.

After thorough reflection, the choice of contracting the bonds of marriage implies speaking with one’s parents, who have the right and duty to help their children with their wise and timely advice.

In order to prepare for marriage, the future spouses should carefully devote themselves to prayer and good works, and conduct themselves purely.

The spouses will celebrate this great sacrament of marriage after going to confession. They will receive the Holy Eucharist worthily so the God may bless their union and help them to respect the rights and duties of marriage piously and inviolately, raising the children God gives them in the Catholic religion and teaching them to perfom good works.