Saint-Curé d’Ars Seminary: Taking of the Cassock – 2023

February 08, 2023

On the feast of the purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary twenty young men, from three continents, received the cassock at the St. Curé d'Ars Seminary: thirteen French, two Italians, one English, one Brazilian, one Indian, one Sri Lankan, and one Swiss.

Accompanied by their families, the young seminarians received the clerical habit during the pontifical ceremony celebrated by Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta, assisted by the district superiors of France and Switzerland, Frs. Benoît de Jorna and Thibaud Favre.

Many seminarians from Ecône made the trip to perform the liturgical service, – chanting and serving the Mass – giving the ceremony a special splendor. Several dozen middle and high school students from traditional schools had come to watch the vesting of their former classmates who are now seminarians.

At the end of the afternoon, Bishop Galarreta celebrated pontifical vespers, which closed this beautiful day.

Let us keep in our prayers these young Levites who have accomplished their first consecration to God by donning the livery of Jesus Christ so that the exterior change of clothing corresponds to an interior change of souls.

Lord, give us many holy priests!