Scotland: Will the Bible Soon Be On the Dock?

August 20, 2020

In a column published on July 29, 2020, the Bishops of Scotland (United Kingdom) are disturbed by the fact that the future bill to condemn hate crimes and discrimination, could criminalize the Bible as well as Church teachings on moral matters.

There is already a law protecting minorities in Scotland which is limited to crimes of a racist nature. But Scottish parliamentarians want to broaden it, criminalizing words or writings deemed discriminatory on the basis of sexual orientation, in other words anything that is encompassed by the acronym LGBT.

The Scottish government maintains that this new project, presented on April 23—which also abolishes the offense of blasphemy—aims to consolidate and modernize legislation deemed obsolete.

For their part, the Scottish bishops fear that the vague terms used in the future law will have the consequence of criminalizing certain passages of Sacred Scripture, even entire sections of the traditional teaching of the Church, when this the latter defends the family as a society of natural and divine right, founded on the union of a man and a woman legitimately united by marriage.

Also, on July 29, the Scottish Bishops’ Conference expressed its concerns: “We fear that article 5 of the bill, in a broad sense, creates an offense for anyone who possesses and uses the Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, or even certain episcopal texts.”

Denouncing the “Orwellian” abyss into which the United Kingdom seems to be sinking, the Scottish bishops finally began to denounce the “rise of a ‘culture of erasure’ where they want to systematically hunt down those who refuse the dominant opinion, with the intention of eliminating them from public debate.”

An observation which should logically be followed by an authentic preaching of the social kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ.