Second Week of Lent: Words of Life on the Margin of the Missal

March 16, 2022

This article includes more extracts from Words of Life on the Margin of the Missal by Dom Marmion

Prayer to the Transfigured Christ and His Father

Jesus Christ, Eternal Word, Divine Master, You who are the splendor of the Father and the radiance of His substance, You have said it Yourself: “If anyone loves Me, I will manifest Myself to him,” make us to love You with fervor, so that we can receive from You a more intense light on Your divinity.

Because this is the secret of our life, of eternal life: “Know our heavenly Father is the only true God, and that You are His Christ,” sent here below to be our king and the pontiff of our salvation. Illuminate the gaze of our soul with a ray of these divine splendors that shone at Tabor, so that our faith in Your divinity, out hope in Your merits, and our love for Your adorable person may be strengthened and increased.