Seven Questions on the General Chapter (6)

July 10, 2018

What happens after the election of the Superior General?

After accepting his charge, the new Superior General of the Society becomes the president of the Chapter.

His first act is to announce the election of the two General Assistants, and he does not participate in the vote.

As for the Superior General, in order to be elected General Assistant, a priest has to be at least thirty years old and have made his final engagement in the Society.

A two-thirds vote is not required for the General Assistants; all that is needed is a simple majority.

The mandate entrusted to the General Assistants by the Chapter also lasts 12 years. If the person elected refuses, the vote is repeated.

As soon as they are elected, the Assistants are proclaimed by the President in the presence of the Chapter, and after the Profession of Faith and Antimodernist Oath, they are placed on either side of the Superior General.

When the elections are over, the Chapter turns to the matters to be discussed.

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