The Situation Continues to Degenerate in India for Christians

June 15, 2018

An independent study conducted between 2014 and 2018 and published by a forum of experts and associations, reveals the unprecedented attacks to which Christian communities have fallen victim ever since the nationalist Hindu party, the BJP, came into power.

This alarming study was made by the Wada Na Todo Abhyian (WNTA – “Campaign: Do not break the promise.”) a platform of over 4,000 organizations and personalities in the country. Its main goal is to sensitize the government to the issues of poverty and social exclusion.

The document transmitted to the pontifical press agency Fides consecrates 140 pages to a description of four years of persecutions against Christians in a country where the ruling party, the BJP, has never made a secret of its hostility towards Christianity.

An even more worrisome factor is that the violence increased in 2017 and throughout the first trimester of 2018. But the WNTA’s study surely falls short of the reality. Indeed, acts of violence often are not reported, either because the victim is terrified, or because the more or less complicit police refuse to file the complaint.

Christian children are not spared. They fall victim to many kidnappings and other vexations. Catholic nuns are also often targeted by sacrilegious violence.

Christian shows of protest against this state of affairs have been brutally repressed by the government.

Aware of this situation that grows more worrisome every day for the Church, Cardinal Anil Joseph Couto, archbishop of Delhi, who was recently made a cardinal, invited Indian Catholics to begin a long-term prayer campaign in the hopes that the 2019 elections will usher in a new, less hostile government.