Society of Saint Pius X: The 2021 Seminarians

October 29, 2021
Entrants to the Flavigny seminary

The entry of young men into the Society of Saint Pius X's seminaries has been encouraging during 2021. Here is how they are distributed in the various houses of formation.

Zaitzkofen, Germany

On Saturday October 9, nine seminarians entered the Seminary of the Sacred Heart in Zaitzkofen. Three come from the district of Germany, one from the Netherlands, and five from Poland. In the coming weeks, another candidate will join the seminary, coming from the Fraternity of St. Josaphat, Ukraine, who will be ordained a deacon in Zaitzkofen in the summer of 2022. There is also an Australian coming from the seminary in Goulburn.

On September 28, two postulant brothers entered, a German and a Swiss.

In addition, 17 candidates are currently preparing to enter the seminary in 2022: 13 Poles at the pre-seminary in Warsaw, one Hungarian, and one Latvian at the priory of Jaidhof, a Dane in Saarbrücken, and a German in Wangs.

Flavigny, France

In Flavigny, on Saturday October 9, 14 seminarians made their entry: seven French, two Italians, two Kenyans, one Luxembourger, one Pole, and one Swiss.

In addition, five French entered the postulant brothers, one of them arriving from Canada.

Dillwyn – Winona, United States

In Dillwyn, 25 seminarians entered into the spirituality year, while 36 young men arrived at the pre-seminary and two postulant brothers entered Winona.

Salvan – Davao, Switzerland - Philippines

Each of these two formation houses saw a postulant enter.

In spring 2021, there was one entry into the spirituality year in Goulburn, while in La Reja 14 seminarians, six pre-seminarians and two postulants arrived.

This brings the number of admissions to the Society's formation houses to 118 in 2021.