Society of Saint Pius X: a New Church Dedicated in Pstruží, Czech Republic

September 18, 2020
Pstruží is located in Moravia, very close to Lysá hora

On Saturday September 12, 2020, Bishop Fellay dedicated a church in Pstruží in Moravia, in the northeast of the Czech Republic, 30 km from the Polish border.

The Church of Pstruží was built by the Society of Saint Pius X. It is dedicated to Saint Barbara.

The consecration ceremony was attended by 80 faithful.

The next day, Bishop Fellay gave confirmation to 23 people in front of a hundred faithful from all over the Czech Republic.

The apostolate in the Czech Republic takes place in a country deeply dechristianized by communism. Because of that, the Czech Republic has gained the reputation of being the most atheistic country in Europe, if not in the world. In the 2001 census, only thirty-two percent of Czechs reported having a religion. Half of the population say they don’t believe in God. In the region of Most, in the northwest of the country, atheism reaches eighty percent of the population.

In 2011, ten percent of the population, or around one million people, declared themselves to be Catholic.

We must pray assiduously for this country and for the priests who work there to return it to Our Lord Jesus Christ.