A Soft Schism?

June 28, 2021
Source: FSSPX Spirituality
Saint Pius X
St. Pius X

“A soft schism.” This expression is an oxymoron, a real contradiction in terms. How can one imagine a “smooth division” or a “sweet tear”? Here is a reflection by Fr. Alain Lorans.

“Germany set for a soft schism?” is the title of an article by Stefano Fontana, in The New Daily Compass, on the blessings given by German priests to same-sex couples, thus opposing the Roman document which issued a reminder that the Church cannot bless such unions. It is an oxymoron, but the author is correct to use this expression which manifests a contradiction not only in terms, but also in reality.

For the reality is that this frontal opposition to Catholic doctrine and morality is being done gently and silently, with soft steps. The German bishops say nothing, some of them leave the priests free to follow their conscience. And Rome is silent. No canonical sanctions: a silky heresy and a soft schism.

This has not been achieved without numerous exercises designed to suspend logical reasoning and numb critical judgment. Thus there was “continuity in change,” “unity in diversity,” and  “differentiated consensus.”

What doctrine and morality forbade, a so-called merciful pastoral work allowed. What could not be allowed in general could be allowed in particular, on a case-by-case basis.

Since the Abu Dhabi Declaration, co-signed by the Pope and the Grand Imam al-Azhar, “pluralism and diversity of religions” have been “willed by God in His wisdom.” The absolute has become relative, and the relative is made absolute.

Since the Council, there are no more schismatics, only “separated brothers.” Does this mean that we are now separating fraternally? The amicable schism, almost by mutual consent? Anyone who would believe that is very naïve.

In reality these German priests are not officially separating from the Church, because they hope to make it evolve from the inside: on intercommunion, the celibacy of priests, the ordination of women, the divorced and remarried, the homosexual unions… Make the Church evolve from within, because modernism is the heresy which does not create a schism. In 1907, St. Pius X showed it in Pascendi dominici gregis in a luminous and prophetic way.

Externally conciliatory and stubbornly persevering, modernism is an iron heresy in a velvet schism.