Spain: Cause for Beatification of Isabella the Catholic Relaunched

January 19, 2023

The Archbishop of Valladolid, Luis Argüello, has proposed reactivating the cause for the beatification of Queen Isabella, for which he has relaunched the work of the diocesan commission responsible for this objective, according to the Archdiocese of Valladolid.

On Monday, this commission met under the chairmanship of the Archbishop himself in the Valladolid Spirituality House. In his address, Bishop Argüello reviewed the work of this body in recent years, and the steps taken by his predecessors both within the Episcopal Conference and in Rome.

Msgr. Argüello stressed the need to relaunch the work of the Commission and to promote the cause of beatification in Spain and Latin America, through the dioceses. Likewise, the prelate spoke of the “need to continue to spread devotion to the Catholic Queen,” as well as the re-edition or publication of works.

In this sense, he highlighted the “success” of the publication of the Proceedings of the International Symposium, “Isabella the Catholic and the Evangelization of America,” published by the Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos (BAC), which is in its second edition.

The Archbishop of Valladolid insisted on “the advisability of encouraging the work of the commission” at a time when “phenomena such as the ongoing ‘woke’ revision of history and the emergence of identity politics linked to indigenousness in the peoples of America are at work,” highlighting the Queen's profile as the “first and foremost defender of indigenous peoples and as a response to these social dynamics.”

A Possible Miracle

In this speech he detailed an alleged miracle under study that is being analyzed in a diocese of the United States, of which the Roman postulator of the Cause, Fr. Javier Carnerero, has already learned. The Grand Master of the Knights and Ladies of the Isabel la Católica Chapter, José María Gómez, informed the Commission of the new projects.

Several members of the Commission intervened to point out future projects, such as the preparation of an audio book or the re-edition of certain works of great historical and documentary value.

The obstacles to this beatification are in particular due to the Jewish community. According to the vice-president of the Judeo-Christian Committee of Catalonia, Carlos Pennaroch, the beatification of the Queen of Castile “could have worse consequences than those of the Auschwitz Carmel, because if it is always possible to move a Carmel, one cannot annul a beatification.”