Summer University 2019: Traditional Catholics, Are You Proud of Your Faith?

May 08, 2019

The 24th Summer University of the District of France of the Society of St. Pius X will take place on the property of the school Saint-Joseph-des-Carmes, in Montreal-de-l’Aude, from August 14 – 18, 2019

Traditional Catholics, Are You Proud of your Faith?

The question “Are you proud of your Faith?” asks whether sometimes we are not in danger of being ashamed of our Faith. Theoretically, no, we are not ashamed; but in practice, sometimes we are a little bit. We are ashamed to be in the world but unable to be of the world, not to be able to benefit from all the conveniences that we could obtain if our Faith was without colour, smell or taste—imperceptible, in short.

But in 2019, is it Possible to Keep Such a Low Profile?

The growing numbers of profanations of Christian churches and cemeteries, the orchestrated media campaigns—using the word and the image—against the Catholic Church, its doctrine and its morality: before all this, can we remain mute?

Faced with repeated scandals that shake the Church of today dramatically, must we be silent? Before the countless mea culpas beaten on the breasts of preceding generations, “it is your fault, your most grievous fault,” have we no answer to make?

Must we be rootless, Catholics without ground, to make ourselves presentable to the globalized world? Must we live like orphans with neither past nor identity, to become socially acceptable in a de-Christianized world?

Must the treasure of Tradition remain hidden? Are its doctrinal, moral, and liturgical riches, protected and propagated by the Society of Saint Pius X, to be reserved to a minority, confined to a Gaulish village, surrounded by Roman legionaries?

The converts who have discovered this 2000 year-old treasure with amazement reproach us Catholics of Tradition for our pusillanimity. They, who have suffered from postmodern relativism and liberal laxism, they ask us: “Are you proud of your Faith?” They shame us into pride in our Faith.

In 1915, Fr. de Foucauld wrote to his friend, General Laperrine: “I thought, when I entered the religious life, that I would have to counsel chiefly gentleness and humility; with time, I see that what is most often needed is dignity and virtuous pride!”

Through conferences and workshops, the summer university of 2019 will give us the knowledge we need. It will reanimate in us the pride of the responsibilities received at baptism: “You are the salt of the earth… You are the light of the world” (Mt. 5:1 3 – 14). For this is not a vain or contemptuous pride, but the responsible pride of the missionary, enthusiastic and contagious.

The motto of this summer university is two-fold: Doctrine to be acquired, pride to be won!

Fr. Benoît de Jorna

District Superior

Summer university of the Society of Saint Pius X

August 14 to 18, 2019, Montreal-de-l’Aude (11)


Contact: [email protected] Phone: 06 49 85 85 46

Registration by mail: UDT de la FSSPX  20 rue Gerbert  F-75015 Paris

Fees : 120 € regular, 80 € for students, 25 € for a single day