A Swiss Economist Wants to Punish Coronavirus Skeptics

December 02, 2020
Source: fsspx.news

In an interview granted on November 24, 2020 to the Swiss television channel Tamedia, the economist Willy Oggier proposes a crusade of a new kind, against those who ignore the rules of social distancing and hygiene prescribed as part of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

The Orwellian world of “1984” may have found an honorary citizen in the person of Willy Oggier.

This health economist, among the most famous of the Swiss Confederation, thought of an expeditious means to reduce the load of intensive care units, during an influx of patients infected by Sars-CoV-2: “people skeptical of Covid-19 should lose all rights to an intensive care bed,” and they “should be carefully registered,” he says.

Mr. Oggier seems more at ease in escalation than in the art of defining: indeed, he does not really tell us who would have the great privilege of being labeled in the “rebel” department, to use his warlike semantics, to coronavirus.

Likewise, the state “should also expand the powers of private security services and railway police in order to more easily punish those who violate health regulations.”

The economist also suggests acquiring a repressive legal arsenal as quickly as possible, in order to constrain the corona-skeptics: “an immediate legal basis is necessary so that high fines can be imposed, at the end of a rapid process.”

When asked how this system could be set up, Willy Oggier replied: “let's be clear: a person is denounced because he deliberately ignores the rules of distance and hygiene, he is responsible for his actions.”

The icing on the cake: the incitement to denunciation! Words that could make people smile by their enormity, if they were not indicative of the blind fanaticism into which men can fall when they have lost the sense of God, and have abdicated all Christian spirit. Big Brother would be proud of his disciple.

When the algorithms of the economy and the obsession with health gradually replace the Decalogue and natural and divine law, imposing their fluctuating and inconsistent laws, the guideposts are lost. Enough to generate many corona-skeptics ...

It should be added, however, that Mr. Oggier is not unanimous in the Swiss Confederation. Dr. Blaise Genton, chief physician in the infectious diseases department of the Lausanne University Hospital, accurately replied: “In this case, that would mean that we should no longer treat smokers who have a heart attack or automobile accidents caused by those driving too fast.”