The Swiss League of Catholic Women Is No Longer Catholic

July 12, 2022

For attentive observers, stating that the Swiss League of Catholic Women (LSFC) is no longer Catholic has been obvious for years already. But a new confirmation was provided by a press release from this organization published on July 5, 2022 on the SKF website, the German language acronym for this League (Scheizerischer Katholischer Frauenbund).

A Bit of History

As part of a wave of the foundation of many Catholic women's associations at the end of the 19th century, the Swiss Catholic Women's League (LSFC) was created in 1912. It then had nearly 26,000 members. Its aim was to promote religion within the family, the communes, and the State, and to encourage women to be active on the societal and charitable levels.

The LSFC devoted its early years to alleviating the misery born of war. During the Second World War, the LSFC was integrated into Catholic Action. In the 1960s and 1970s, the LSFC continued to defend conservative political positions. In 1976, contesting the so-called “delay” solution for abortion, it created a solidarity fund for future mothers in need.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the LSFC often took up progressive positions on political and social issues, contrary to those of the Catholic hierarchy. In particular, it advocated marriage for all, the priesthood of women, and climate justice. Since 2019, the League has collaborated with the Swiss Federation of Protestant Women (FSFP).

The LSFC is now open to non-Catholic women and men. In 2021, the LSFC was divided into 600 local and 18 cantonal sections and had around 120,000 members (200,000 in 2010).

Abortion Is Not a Crime

In a July 2 interview, which has already been discussed here, Pope Francis compared abortion to “hiring a hitman.” In reaction to this judgement, the LSFC issued a statement of protest. In particular, the following lines:

“The LSFC strongly opposes the pope’s shocking comparison, which equates abortion with contract killing. Abortion is not a crime. The Pope Francis’ statements constitute a defamation of women who have recourse to abortion.” How is this defamation? Abortion kills a child, through a doctor.

“The LSFC,” continues the press release, “defends the right to self-determination. This includes the right to safe and legal termination of pregnancy. We are committed to the protection of life, but we do not ignore the social, legal, or economic aspects that can lead to the termination of a pregnancy.” In other words: we want to defend the victims of a murderer, but we do not ignore the aspects… which can lead a man to kill.

As if make up for it, the press release continues: “The LSFC financially supports women who decide to bear a child despite a precarious living situation, through the Solidarity Fund for Mother and Child.”  Very good.

But what follows is always the same confusion: “Any woman who decides to become a mother despite being in a distressed situation, who gives birth to an unplanned child, but also any woman who interrupts her pregnancy, has the right to the support of society, to respect, accompaniment, and attention. This is a fundamental requirement of Christian love of neighbor.”

“Women contemplating termination of pregnancy are people who suffer, not criminals. They are in a no-win situation, needing help and access to medically safe pregnancy terminations. It's sad, but not condemnable.”

The whole problem lies in the assertion: “abortion is not a crime.” From there, everything is allowed. Euthanasia will follow without difficulty and all moral perversions with it.

The LSFC is really no longer Catholic and the Swiss bishops should demand that it remove this qualifier from its title. But first they themselves would have to be convinced of the seriousness of these claims.