Switzerland: After 90 Years, the Ingenbohl Sisters Leave Moutier

July 08, 2020
Source: fsspx.news

Au mois d’août 2020, la communauté des Sœurs d’Ingenbohl quittera officiellement la ville de Moutier, dans le canton de Berne. Ces religieuses franciscaines, qui étaient présentes depuis 1930, retourneront dans leur couvent fribourgeois d’origine.  

“The Swiss Province of the Ingenbohl Institute has decided to permanently close the Community of Sisters in Moutier, after 90 years of faithful and loyal service,” said the Moutier parish bulletin.

For several decades, no French-speaking woman has entered the Sisters of Ingenbohl. “The youngest sisters from French-speaking Switzerland are over 70 and are not all in good health,” as we have been apprised by the local press.

Sad reality of fifty years of conciliar aggiornamento, which has seen seminaries and novitiates emptied.

Founded in the 19th century, the Institute of the Sisters of Charity of the Holy Cross has its Mother House in Ingenbohl, in the commune of Brunnen, in central Switzerland.