Switzerland: Various Shades of Pink

October 18, 2021
Source: fsspx.news
The Grand Saint-Bernard Hospice in the town of Bourg-Saint-Pierre

If no Swiss canton objected to the possibility offered to same-sex couples to contract a civil marriage, and to female couples to have access to procreation, it would become law. There are disparities in the vote across the cantons.

One of the first lessons of the September 26 election is the frank and massive “yes” by the large urban centers, in particular in Protestant German-speaking Switzerland: thus, the cities of Basel, Bern, and Zurich voted by more than 75% in favor of marriage for all.

Conversely, in French-speaking Switzerland in particular, the municipalities located in mountain areas have the highest rejection rate, both in the Alps and in the Jura.

The traditionally Catholic cantons also have been less favorable to moral transgression: in Ticino, 47.1% voted “no.” The same is true in Valais, at 44.5%, which makes it the canton in French-speaking Switzerland with the highest “no” rate.

In Appenzell Innerrhoden, another Catholic canton, the “yes” certainly wins, but at 50.8%, while the average is 64% in the territory of the Confederation.

There is still some reticence towards same-sex marriage, although less important, in the historic canton of Schwyz.

Conversely, the refusal is less in the traditionally Protestant cantons: in those of Neuchâtel, Geneva, Vaud, and Bern, the “no” is respectively 35%, 34.9%, 36.6% and 34.8%.

In Ticino, one municipality is resisting the invasion of progressive ideology: it is Bedretto, where the “no” count reaches 75%. But it has only a hundred inhabitants.

In French-speaking Switzerland where the highest “no” rate was expressed was in the Valais commune of Bourg-Saint-Pierre (73.4%), a traditionally Catholic area, again. This town is home to the famous Hospice du Grand Saint-Bernard. It brings together about two hundred inhabitants.

In the Swiss Confederation as elsewhere in Europe, the secularization movement is advancing, without managing to erase some local resistance.