The three Resurrections of Our Lady

April 18, 2020

The life of Christ was an unbroken trail of sorrows to which Mary was closely united. David describes the soul of Christ as “stuck in the mire of the depths” of man’s sinfulness where there is no footing on Divine truth nor steadfastness in the Divine law, Ps 68:3.

Christ’s soul suffered the “tempest” of men’s contradictions of the divine will, their rejection of divine wisdom and hatred for the man who criticizes their evil. Jn 7:7 Nevertheless, in the turmoil of His life, surrounded by the “fat bulls” of raging sinners, the Soul of Christ lived in perfect tranquility, fixed upon the goal of His final victory over all sin and ultimately death itself, by His Holy Resurrection: “I am the Resurrection and the Life, He who believes in me, although he be dead, shall live: And every one that liveth, and believeth in me, shall not die forever.” Jn 11:26.

This is the first Resurrection of Mary, for dead to the world, She lived with Christ. Dead to all comfort, sorrowing with the Man of Sorrows, She believed firmly that He was the “God of the living and not of the dead.” Dead to all worldly things, She possessed His everlasting life in the midst of the storms that surrounded Him. She believed this, though She could find no comfort in any creature, nor even in God Himself, for He was to be crucified. This first Resurrection of Mary was the Divine Hope of His future Resurrection from which Her soul never moved. She was the Mother “who stood by the Cross of Jesus.”

The second Resurrection of Mary was the transformation of Her soul of Sorrows into an ocean of bliss by the presence of the Resurrected Savior in His comforting visitation of His Mother after His Resurrection. This contemplation of His beauty, enhanced by the Resurrection, turned the bitterness of sorrow into such powerful consolation as to make Her the Mother of Mercy, Consolatrix of the Afflicted and the Help of Christians. Her soul became capable of consoling the woes of a thousand sinful worlds. Thus She became the Mediatrix of our own spiritual resurrection, whereby we live in this valley of tears and fight life’s battles with little respite.

Mary’s third Resurrection is yet to come. It will be the moment Her Immaculate Heart’s great sorrows are transformed by the Triumph of Christ and His Church. Mary, reigning gloriously in Heaven with Christ, still lives in the hope of this future Resurrection. She considers the sorrows of Her servants on earth Her own. Their labors for the advent of the Kingdom of Christ are inspired by the Queen of Heaven.

In practice, let us do all in the light of this final Resurrection, which is the Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Let us take every legitimate means for making Mary known and loved around us, especially by distributing Miraculous medals and following them up with our prayers. Ave Maria!