The Tower of Pisa is Straightening Out

December 05, 2018

The Tower of Pisa has straightened out a little bit, but without losing its charm that still draws millions of visitors every year.

The famous tower is actually a bell tower for the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption.  This masterpiece of Tuscan Roman art was begun in August 1173. As soon as the first floors were finished, because the ground was too loose, the tower began to lean, and it leaned even more after its completion in 1372.

An international Committee was created in 1993 to supervise the restoration of the bell tower that was threatening to collapse. The monument was closed to the public during the restoration work, that cost over 28 million euros.

The tower was leaning about 15 feet from its vertical axis and they were able to correct it a little more than one foot.

The Surveillance Committee announced on November 21, 2018, that after seventeen years of observation, “the Tower of Pisa is stable, and its inclination has slightly lessened.”

Indeed, according to an expert, Nunziante Squeglia, professor of engineering at the University of Pisa, the 190-foot monument is now 1.5 inches straighter. The leaning tower of Pisa still has what it takes to draw crowds of tourists.