Is the Traditional Mass Contagious?

February 27, 2021

Reading the recent note that the Conference of Bishops of France wrote for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, one wonders if the Tridentine Mass is contagious. The following is a reflection by Fr. Alain Lorans.

The note states that one must “be careful not to spread it” in parishes, as if its propagation endangered the faith of the faithful.

From there, they would soon come to “barrier actions”: no longer receiving Communion on the tongue, no longer singing in Gregorian, keeping one’s distance, perhaps even establishing a cordoned-off sanitary area around the priests who celebrate this Mass.

Then, screening tests will be developed: ecclesiastics who wear the cassock and the faithful who want to receive the consecrated host kneeling will have every chance of being tested positive.

They will be asked to strengthen their immune defenses against the Tridentine Mass: celebration facing the people and communion received exclusively in the hand while standing.

Finally, a vaccine will be developed: a dose of the Abu Dhabi Declaration “on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together,” with a booster three weeks after the first injection.

In reality, the Conference of Bishops of France is not concerned with the faith of the faithful, but with the unity of the Church made very fragile since the Second Vatican Council.

What worries them is not the orthodoxy of the Creed professed by the faithful attached to Tradition, nor the sense of the sacred manifested by the Tridentine Mass.

The anonymous writer of this episcopal note expresses his fear: “A world apart, a parallel Church is emerging.” And he added, “The unity of the presbyterium has been wounded.”

To ward off this peril, according to the French bishops, the Mass of St. Pius V should only be celebrated by bi-formalist, half-extraordinary [rite], half-ordinary [rite] diocesan priests. Basically, for them, the solution would be an amphibious liturgy.

But the amphibians, the conciliar amphibians, have all left...since the sanitary measures made it necessary to empty the holy water fonts.