The Ukrainian Latin Rite Episcopate Denounces the Drift of the German Synod

February 28, 2020
Auxiliary Bishop Radoslaw Zmitrowicz.

The Ukrainian Latin rite Catholic bishops have issued a fraternal correction to their German colleagues, denouncing the path taken by the synod across the Rhine as “a threat to the faithful in Ukraine.”

The letter of the Ukrainian Latin rite bishops—who exercise their apostolate mainly with the Polish minority present in the country—was published on February 6, 2020, on a Polish Catholic news site. There they firmly denounced the position of the German bishops.

“LGBT circles are carrying out a mass ideological attack against our youth and children in order to corrupt them morally; they now justify their activities and their propaganda also with the new outlook of the German Episcopate. It hurts us when we see how LGBT propaganda invokes your own wording to fight both Christianity and everyone who recognizes the true anthropology based on the Bible and natural law.” 

The consequences are serious, deplore the Ukrainian bishops: “Some of our faithful, who carry the burden of homosexuality and other wounds in the sexual sphere, learning about such statements of your Commission, feel helpless in their struggle to lead a chaste life.”

And the prelates point out the scandal that the synod certainly creates among Catholics: “certain Protestants and Eastern Orthodox faithful see in your position that the Catholic Church was departing from the revealed truth.”

Questioned by Ukrainian media, the president of the Episcopal Commission for the family, Auxiliary Bishop Radoslaw Zmitrowicz, declared that the fraternal correction would probably not be enough to influence the movement, because “it is above all a spiritual battle, so the weapons of prayer and penance are of great importance.”

Asked about the reason why so many German prelates seem to be moving away from the Catholic faith, Bishop Zmitrowicz replied, lucid: “German society has lost all contact with faith in the true God.”