The UN’s Relentlessness Towards Pushing Legalized Abortion in Argentina

June 15, 2018

With a bill to legalize abortion up for vote in the Argentinian Parliament, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) published on June 1, 2018, a certain number of recommendations openly opposed to the right to life and intended for Argentina.

In the chapter entitled “Adolescent Health”, the UNCRC’s report asks that sexual education be a part of the obligatory school programs in Argentina, “with an accent on preventing precocious pregnancies and STDs” (sexually transmitted diseases).

The UN committee particularly insists upon medical access to abortion and post-abortion care for adolescents. The young pregnant mother’s point of view should “be duly taken into account in the decision-making process” leading to abortion, explains the document. In other words, the rights of the legal guardians of young minors are significantly undermined.

The UNCRC also voices its opposition to prison penalties for the crime of abortion, that are applied even to young underage girls, harming their physical integrity.

But how much longer will this last? So far, Argentinian law allows children between 13 and 16 to make their own decisions on any “non-invasive” treatment that “does not compromise the state of their health or involve serious risks for their life or physical integrity.”

Does this apply to abortion? That is one of the questions that the House of Representatives has to answer. Will this intrusion from the UN make the Argentinian deputies think twice?

Eduardo Valdés, former Argentinian ambassador to the Holy See nominated by the former Head of State Kristina Kirchner, has voiced his support for life. In a statement published by Infobae on June 8, 2018, the diplomat explained why he has decided to oppose this bill even though he “belongs to a political party that defends the right to terminate pregnancy.” He admitted:

Recent discoveries (…) clearly show that from the moment of conception there is human life, a new being… In my opinion, true progressivism defends all life, even the weakest, against the attacks of society; as a Peronist, I am one of those who fight for the defenseless…