United States: A New York Parish Proclaims That “God Is Trans”

May 17, 2023
Source: fsspx.news
The painting: “God is trans”

The Archdiocese of New York is investigating a Catholic parish in Manhattan that hosted an art exhibit titled “God Is Trans: A Queer Spiritual Journey.” The exhibit, which “maps the queer spiritual journey” and claims that “there is no devil,” has upset some parishioners at the Church of St. Paul the Apostle, the New York Post reported.

The parish, which is run by the Paulist Fathers, runs a ministry called “Out at St. Paul,” which, according to the parish website, is “our ministry and outreach to the gay, lesbian, bi, trans and queer community.”

This ministry has a website and a Facebook page. “The love of God affirms trans kids, protects trans kids, listens to trans kids, fights for trans kids, delights in trans kids,” reads the description of one featured photo.

Adah Unachukwu's “God is Trans” exhibit “maps the queer spiritual journey by three significant points: Sacrifice, Identity, and Communion,” according to a description of the “artwork” pictured by the Post. All that is known about the artist is that she earned a bachelor's degree in media design from Fordham Jesuit University and is homosexual.

“The painting Sacrifice and its complementarity act in the film speak to the need to shed an old life and personhood in order to be able to focus on your spiritual need. There is no devil, just past selves,” the description reads. The Archdiocese of New York claims to have learned of it only through the media.

Progressive Christians, in their relentless delirium, want to transform everything according to their worldly ideas: they also transform God according to everything they idolize, trans, queer, woke. The homophilic parish of New York is an oxymoron: it cannot exist.

Homosexuality is a perversion, it is against nature: it does not correspond to the divine order of creation, which is reflected in natural law. At all times, spirits foreign to the Church have tried to invade it, and this is how the gender ideology of the homosexual lobby is currently spreading within it.

The Archdiocese of New York, led by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, has opened an investigation into the parish of St. Paul the Apostle led by Fr. Rick Walsh of the Order of Missionary Priests of St. Paul, founded in New York in 1858 .

Parishioners approached the bishopric at the ordinariate, horrified. “The Church shouldn't be promoting this stuff,” an angry parishioner told the New York Post. Others are indignant that the homosexual lobby wants to impose its views on everyone else.

In the archdiocese, the parish is considered to be “liberal.” It had already “publicly welcomed members of the LGBTQ+ community” in the past. This is the whole problem of “homosexual pastoral care.” It presents itself as pastoral care of homosexuals, which is understandable, but in many cases this turns out to be a disguised advance of the homosexual lobby.

The promotion of homosexuality in the Church, especially under the guise of pastoral activity, is a kind of heresy. Ever more radical provocations aim to turn the unnatural into the normal. Insensibly minds pass from the charity that should animate us towards all, to the right of abnormality to present itself and to live as such.