Vatican: Death of Roman exorcist Fr. Gabriele Amorth

September 30, 2016
Le P. Gabriele Amorth. Fr. Gabriele Amorth.

Fr. Gabriele Amorth was called back to God on September 16, 2016, aged 91 years. Ordained in 1954 and a member of the Society of St. Paul, he was the exorcist for the diocese of Rome for 36 years. He was the author of numerous successful books that made him famous. According to Ouest France on September 18, 2016, he carried out approximately 160,000 exorcisms. He also founded the International Association of Exorcists (IAE) of which he was president until his retirement at the age of 75 in 2000. This association now includes 250 exorcists from 30 countries. As Anne Dolhein emphasizes on the website on September 22, 2016, Fr. Gabriele Amorth leaves “a considerable body of work dedicated to condemnation of the widespread refusal to believe in the devil and to warnings about the dangers of modern fads such as yoga, Harry Potter and fascination with Eastern religions.” He also condemned “tendencies that are no less contemporary towards spiritism, occultism and invocation of the devil.” And he stated, “Satan is at work in the modern world and especially in the fields of politics and culture.” Quoting from an interview he gave LifeSite News in 2015, Anne Dolhein says the celebrated exorcist referred to the acceptance of divorce and abortion as a “disaster,” recalling that “50 million children are assassinated by abortion. And euthanasia, broken families, cohabitation… all this is destruction!” In an interview he gave Aleteia on September 26, 2014, Fr. Gabriele Amorth stated that “the devil is afraid of us all, it is enough for us to live in the grace of God!” With reference to his predecessor in the diocese of Rome who trained him, Fr. Candido Amantini, he recalled the most important piece of advice Fr. Amantini gave him: “be a man of faith and prayer, and always ask for the intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin.” (Sources: France, --DICI no. 341 dated September 30, 2016)