Viktor Orban Poses as a Defender of Christian Europe

February 26, 2019

In his annual speech on the state of the Nation, the Hungarian Prime Minister described the root of the evils that he believes are striking the European continent. He also described a whole series of measures intended to revive his country’s birthrate.

Once again, Viktor Orban did not mince words. “A Christian-Muslim world is being born in the immigration countries, with a constant drop in the percentage of Christians,” he lamented.

Whose fault is this? He believes it is the fault of the “European left-wing (that) has today become the champion of investors, global citizenship, one-world government and now global migration, digging a grave for nations, the family and the Christian way of life.” 

His speech on the state of the Nation came a few weeks before the European elections whose importance the Hungarian head of State recalled: “Europe has once again come to the point where we must defend our Hungarian identity and Christian heritage,” he declared.

In order to resolve the demographical slowdown in his country—Hungary has one of the lowest birthrates in the OCDE (1.49 children per woman)—Viktor Orban has announced a plan to support families in the hopes of encouraging the birthrate.

These measures consist in a specific type of loan for women under 40, an exemption from income tax for mothers with four children, a promise to create room for every child in daycares by 2022 and social assistance for grandparents who babysit their grandchildren.

In response to his European neighbors who are tempted to see the Hungarian leader as a populist leading his country into a dead-end, Viktor Orban likes to recall that the minimum salary has doubled in Hungary over the past ten years and the “the growth of the Hungarian economy has almost hit 5%.” Not all the countries in Europe can say as much for themselves.