A Witch Hunt Against the Author of Harry Potter

December 02, 2021
Source: fsspx.news
J.K. Rowling

Since June 2020, Joanne Rowling, better known by her pen name J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, has become the target of the transgender community.

She said at the time that transgender “women” were not real women. Violently attacked, she replied that having an opinion on the subject contrary to political correctness did not make her an idiot.

She had driven the point home a bit later by explaining that if sex isn't real, it erases the reality that women around the world experience. This way of thinking eliminates the ability of many people to discuss their lives in a meaningful way.

Since that time, J.K. Rowling has suffered threats and media campaigns against her, which have never discouraged her from reaffirming what she thinks.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the release of the first film from her literary saga, new threats were made using the “doxing” technique - that is, the publication on the Net of personal information to harm or incite harassment of a victim. She speaks about it herself on Twitter.

“Last Friday,” she explains, “my family's address was posted on Twitter by three activist actors who photographed themselves outside our house, carefully positioning themselves to make sure our address was visible.”

She was then threatened with death. But she replies proudly, “I have to assume that those who thought that threatening me would intimidate me to the point of no longer defending women's rights based on gender. But they should have thought about the fact that I have now received so many death threats that I could wallpaper the house with them, and I have not stopped talking.”

The editor-in-chief of Le Monde recognizes that, “her remarks remain within the framework of the law.” He continues curiously: “It is as if people with different thoughts are no longer able to talk to each other and live together. Debate is replaced by rejection, dialogue by threats.” But this is news only to those who are naive or have not fully explored the frightening abyss of political correctness.

This story shows how dominant gender ideology is now. To the point that contesting or questioning it immediately throws you into the dustbin and earns you all the most abject or violent threats. Even an author once adored and who had become a celebrity in every country of the world is not immune to such a surge of hatred.

J.K. Rowling is now no more and no less than a “witch,” to quote the most polite insult she has received.