World: Catholic “Netflix” Coming Soon

November 30, 2019

Starting in the spring of 2020, an online platform, named VatiVision, will offer religious, artistic, and cultural audiovisual content related to the Catholic Church.

This project was born from the collaboration of two Italian companies: a production company and an international group specialized in the development of digital services.

VatiVision wants to build on the success of the Netflix platform, which brings together around 139 million people throughout the world around an unlimited number of movies and TV shows, for a monthly subscription fee.

“With VatiVision we are addressing an audience that has been neglected so far and has great potential,” explains Luca Tomassini, President. “We rely as much on the quality as on the originality of our content with a potential worldwide audience of 1.3 billion Catholics, but also many non-believers interested in these themes.”

Financially independent of the Vatican, the new platform should nevertheless work in close collaboration with the Dicastery for the Communication of the Holy See.