19 December

Source: FSSPX News

From December 17 to 23, the Catholic Church prepares the feast of Christmas by singing at Vespers the great “O antiphons”. DICI presents them to you together with some meditations of Pope Pius XII. These texts highlight how the Child of the crib is the peaceful King who came to save all men and to reign over the nations.

O Radix Iesse, qui stas in signum populorum, super quem continebunt reges os suum, quem gentes deprecabuntur : veni ad liberandum nos, iam noli tardare. O Root of Jesse, which standest for an ensign of the people, before whom kings shall keep silence, whom the gentiles shall beseech: Come and deliver us, and tarry not.


  “The Christian will for peace comes from God. He is the "God of Peace" (Rom. 15:33); He has created the world to be an abode of peace; He has given His commandment of peace, that “tranquility in order” of which St. Augustine speaks. The Christian will for peace has its weapons too, But its principal arms are those of prayer and love; constant prayer to the Father in Heaven, Father of us all; brotherly love among all men and all nations, since all are sons of the same Father Who is in Heaven; love which, with patience, always succeeds :in being disposed and ready to achieve understanding and agreement with everyone.”

Pius XII, radio message to the world, December 24 1948.