Since 2008, Islam Numerically the World’s Largest Religion

Source: FSSPX News

In its October 9 issue, La Croix cites a survey published in the United States by the independent Pew Research Center, which specializes in religious matters. It has collected data from 200 countries, according to which two thirds of the world’s Muslims live in Asia. One Muslim out of five lives in the Middle East or North Africa. Indonesia is the country with highest rate of Muslims, around 203 million people (88%) of the population, representing a little less than 13% of the Muslims worldwide. Pakistan numbers 174 million Muslims, i.e. 96% of the population, and India around 161 million, i.e. 13.4% of its population.
There are 38 million Muslims living in Europe, of whom 16 million in Russia, 4 million in Germany and 3.5 million in France. Of around 4.6 million Muslims who live in the Americas, more than half of them are resident in the United States.
Le Figaro of March 31, 2008 revealed that Muslims were for the first time more numerous than Catholics worldwide. With 19.2% of the world’s population compared with 17.4% for Catholics, Islam became, as from last year, numerically the leading world religion.
(Sources: La Croix / Le Figaro)