20th Anniversary of the death of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

Source: FSSPX News

Twenty years ago Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre passed away.  In February 1990, in three conferences that he gave to the Sisters of the Society of St. Pius X, at Saint Michael’s Abbey, he had agreed to relate quite simply what his life had been.  His remarks, collected in a little book entitled The Little Story of My Long Life, conclude with this epilogue, which depicts him as he was and as he remains in our grateful memory.

“I cannot say that I was really I who said, ‘I want to do this…  it will be this way… and I think that… and I want….’  It was not at all like that.  I realize, and you have likewise noticed, that it has been the same throughout my entire life.  It has always been Providence which decided everything.  On my part, I rather resisted; I did not really agree; I was not very eager.  But it pull me on anyway, ‘Ah, no! you must come!’  Then afterward … well … I now see that God has, in fact, blessed, blessed everything, and that it has all worked out fine.  Deo gratias!  Let us hope that it will continue like that….”

On March 25, 1991, on the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, he surrendered his soul to God.

Father Alain Lorans

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