60 Million Sex-Selective Abortions Have Been Performed in India in Ten Years

Source: FSSPX News

In the land of the Maharajas, if you want to escape a scheduled death, it is better to be a sacred cow than a little girl.

The figures published by the non-governmental organization Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) on October 11, 2019—the day the Church celebrates the divine maternity of the Virgin Mary—are clear: at least 60 million female fetuses were reported aborted in ten years in India.

Figures partly confirmed by another survey conducted in 2018, according to which India has some 21 million “unwanted” girls, i.e., girls whose parents would have preferred a boy.

In the traditional culture, boys are seen as the guarantors of the family inheritance and those who will care for the elderly parents. Conversely, a girl is perceived as a burden. She will have to pay a dowry when she wants to get married, then she will go to the home of her husband, where she will be less able to take care of her own elderly parents.

This mentality, shaped by a fatalistic Hindu religion that ignores or even despises the virtue of charity, no more than it conceives of a master creator of life and death, weighs heavily on women, who feel obliged to eliminate female fetus.

Fortunately, the Church as a good mother, does not abandon her children, because many Catholic orphanages try to offer the mothers of a girl an alternative. Such is, among others, the case of the Servi Domini Orphanage—The Servants of the Lord—an establishment founded by the Consoling Sisters of the Sacred Heart, a congregation that has come under the spiritual direction of the priests of the Society of Saint Pius X.

This facility that helps so many children seems to be only a small drop in this ocean of social and moral misery that is India, but the Society missionaries are not discouraged, working tirelessly, as Father Robert Brucciani, then director of the school attached to the orphanage, declared in 2012 to “fight with perseverance against the prevailing pagan mentality—a mentality of contraception and attachment to the goods of this world—and to renew a link with the Catholic past.”