An Actor Playing the Protestant Reformer John Knox to Greet the Pope

Source: FSSPX News

A statue of John Knox (1514-1572), in Edinburgh (Scotland).

An actor playing John Knox (1514–1572), one of the chief 16th-century Scottish Protestant reformers, will head a special parade through Edinburgh, next 16 September. Organized by the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland itself, the event will mark the beginning of the four-day papal journey in Great Britain. The day coincides with the feast of St. Ninian, the earliest known Scottish saint. "We want the day to be joyous, charitable and inclusive," Peter Kearney, a spokesperson for the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland, told Ecumenical News International (ENI) last 27 July.

Four hundred and fifty years after the Protestant Reformation in Scotland and its break with the papacy in Rome, "It is a sign of a healthy nation that diversity within the Christian community is something to be celebrated as opposed to a source of division and struggle,” the Rev. John Christie, incoming Moderator of the [Presbyterian] Church of Scotland told ENI. “It is a gift to those of us of a Protestant persuasion that, by including this figure, the Catholic Church is contributing to the celebrations of the Reformation [sic]." (Sources: apic/eni/thescotsman—DICI No. 220 of 6 Aug. 2010)