Adveniat regnum tuum!

Source: FSSPX News

Cardinal Pie wished a happy New Year to the faithful of his Diocese of Poitiers (France) by adopting as his own the petition from the Our Father: “Thy kingdom come.”  He showed thereby that a new year could not be holy unless the rights of God were recognized and respected by the families and the institutions of a nation.  In his view, Our Lord could not be one of those constitutional sovereigns who reign but do not govern, who sit proudly on a throne with no power to rule anything.

The new Rosary Crusade that Bishop Fellay, Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X, intends to base on the crusade requested by Archbishop Lefebvre in 1979, should help us to sanctify ourselves through an exact observance of the duties of our state in life, and therefore by filial submission to God’s will here and now.  Whereas we are often tempted to dream about some ideal obedience elsewhere and later on.

The year 2014 that we wish to be holy, will be so if we work that His Kingdom may come in us, in our families, in our jobs, and in our institutions, as far as it depends on us, but no less.  This year begins with the new crusade: every Rosary must correspond to some everyday action so that His Kingdom may truly come.

Fr. Alain Lorans