Advent at the School of Saint Bernard (5)

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Virgin with Child - Willem Vrelant

This is why He created men in the beginning, it was so that they would take the place of the angels and repair the breaches of Jerusalem; for He knew that for the angels there was no way back.

We have heard of the pride of Moab, he is exceeding proud” (Is. 16:6), and his pride is without repentance and therefore without forgiveness. But He did not make another creature to replace man, wanting thereby to show through that that he could still be redeemed; he who had perished only by the malice of another, might still by another’s charity be redeemed.  

I beg you therefore, Lord, deign to take me out of where I am, because I am weak, and I was taken by fraud and by violence from my country, and I was thrown into this pit although I was innocent (Gn. 40:15). Innocent, may be saying too much, but it’s not too much, considering the one who seduced me. Lord, I was made to believe a lie; let the Truth come in person, so that the falsehood may be confounded, and I may know the truth and the truth will deliver me. Nevertheless, I know to renounce the lie when it is shown to me, and to embrace the truth when it is made known to me.

Vierge avec l'Enfant - Willem Vrelant


Title : Vierge avec l'Enfant

Date of Creation : 1460

Place of Creation : Bruges, Belgique

Artist : Willem Vrelant