Advent at the School of St. Bernard (12)

Source: FSSPX News

Virgin and Child - Sandro Botticelli

The Virgin is the royal way by which the Saviour draws near to us.

Let us not therefore deviate from this road, and let us strive, my very dear Brothers, to ascend to the Savior by the same way that He followed to descend to us.

May we have, through you, access to your Son, O you who have had the happiness to find grace, to give birth to life and salvation. May the One who was given to us through you, receive us also through you. May your holiness justify the fault of our corruption with Him, and may your humility, which delights the eyes of God, make Him forgive our vanity. May your immense charity cover the multitude of our sins and may your glorious fruitfulness also make us fruitful in good works.

O you, our Lady, our Mediatrix and our Advocate, reconcile us to your Son, commend us to your Son, and present us to Him. O Blessed Virgin, by the grace you have found, by the prerogative you have merited, by the mercy of which you are the Mother, may Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord,  who is God blessed above all forever and ever, and who has deigned, through you to share our weakness and our misery, do us the grace, through your intercession, to make us one day share with Him eternal glory and happiness.

Illustration :

Title : Virgin and Child

Artist : Sandro Botticelli

Date : circa 1490