Advent at the School of St. Bernard (2)

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Virgin of Humility - Fra Angelico

In the first place, let us with the Apostle consider in astonishment and admiration how great is He Who comes.

The angel Gabriel says, He is the Son of the Most High, and consequently a coequal with Him. But how is it that of the Three Persons in Whom we believe, and confess, and adore in the Most High Trinity, it was neither the Father, nor the Holy Ghost, but the Son that became man?

Not without some most deep counsel of the Blessed Trinity was it decreed that the Son should become Incarnate. If we consider the cause of our exile, we may perhaps be able to know to some degree how fitting it was that we were saved rather by the Son of God than by one of the other two divine Persons.

Indeed, this Lucifer, who rose brightly as the morning star, having wanted to make himself like the Most High, and tried to make himself equal to God; an equality which was the Son’s by right, was instantly cast down from heaven, for the Father was zealous for the glory of the Son, and showed by the facts the truth of what He said: “Revenge is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord,” (Rm. 12:19). And then, “I saw Satan like lightening falling from heaven” (Lk. 10:18).

Dust and ashes, why art thou proud ? If God did not spare pride in His angels, how much less will He spare you, innate corruption? Satan sees himself eternally thrown into the abyss, because, according to the Evangelist, “he stood not in the truth” (Jn. 8:44).

Virgin of Humility - Fra Angelico

Illustration :

Title : Virgin of Humility

By : Fra Angelico

Date: 1433-1435

Place : National Museum of Art, Cataluny