Advent at the School of St. Bernard (4)

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Trinity – The Throne of Grace – Willem Vrelant

For in Adam all have sinned and in his sentence of condemnation we have shared.

What, then, did the Son do, seeing His Father so zealous for His glory, and for His sake sparing none of His creatures ? “Behold,” He says, “on My account My Father has ruined His creatures: the first of the angels wanted to usurp the grandeur that is properly Mine and My throne of sovereignty, and had followers who believed in him. But instantly My Father took My defense in hand, and struck the rebellious angel and all his adherents with a cruel blow, an incurable wound. Man, too, attempted to steal from Me the knowledge which belongs to Me alone, and My Father shows him no mercy, nor does His eye spare him. He had made two noble creatures, with whom He shared His reason, made capable of participating in His beatitude, angels and men. Now behold, on My account He has ruined a multitude of His angels and the entire race of men.

But I, so that they may know that I love My Father, I want to return to Him those whom He seemed to have lost because of Me. “I know that for my sake this great tempest is upon you. Take me up, and cast me into the sea” (Jonas 1:12). They all look on Me with envy! Here I am and will show Myself to them in such a state that whoever wants to become like Me will have this ambition and desire only for their own good.

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Trinity – The Throne of Grace – Willem Vrelant

Date of creation : around 1460

Place : Bruges, Belgium