Afghanistan Christians “Forgotten” by the European Parliament

Source: FSSPX News

The European Parliament in Strasbourg

A member of the European Parliament said on Thursday that the European Union (EU) legislature had “completely ignored” the plight of Afghanistan's Christian minority in a recent resolution.

Carlo Fidanza, co-chair of the Parliament's Intergroup on Freedom of Religion and Belief, said the resolution adopted on September 16 reflects Europe's general indifference to Christians.

“This resolution,” explained the deputy, “once again demonstrates Europe's lack of culpable attention, not only towards Afghan Christians - who are completely ignored by the text - but towards Christians in general.”

“As I have said before about the rejection of the creation of a European Day of Religious Freedom, it is worrying that it is now considered normal that silence descends on the tragedy facing persecuted Christians,” he added.

The resolution, adopted in Strasbourg, France, says the European Parliament is “appalled” by reports of Taliban actions against “women and girls, human rights defenders, LGBTI + people, religious and ethnic minorities, journalists, writers, academics, and artists.”

The resolution mentions the Hazara Shiites as an example of a persecuted minority, but it does not specifically refer to Christians in the country.

Adina Portaru, senior advisor to the Christian legal group ADF International in Brussels, urged “the international community to do everything possible to ensure the safety of those who face grave danger simply because of their faith,” she declared.

ADF International estimates that 10,000 Christians have been living in great danger since the Taliban took control of the country of 38 million people. Most have converted from Islam to Christianity, an act punishable by death under Sharia law.

The legal group said there were reliable reports that Taliban forces were killing Christians found on public transport and executing those who had the Bibles on their cellphones.

A young Afghan Christian recently contacted CNA, explaining that he was wanted by the Taliban, and that he was desperately trying to leave the country.

Thus, just as seventeen years ago, many Western politicians refused any mention of “Europe's Christian roots” in the Preamble to the European Constitution, so today the European Parliament “completely ignores” Christians being persecuted and murdered by the Taliban.